Contoh soal narrative text essay

Jika artikel ini bermanfaat bisa di share dengan mencantumkan sumbernya. She lived with her bad step-mother and two step-sisters. She had to do all the household chores.

Contoh soal narrative text essay

Why did the fox get the goat into the well? The fox was very hungry and thirsty b. The goat was very hungry and thirsty c. The fox promised that it would help to get out of the well d. Her name was Dayang Sumbi.

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She was beautiful and clever but also pampered and spolited. One day as she was weaving in her pavilion, she became moody and distracted, which caused her to keep dropping her shuttle on the floor.

Contoh soal narrative text essay

Once when it fell she exclaimed she would marry the one who gave it back to her. At that very moment her dog Tumang, a demigod possessing magic powers, came up to her with the shuttle in his mouth.

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She named him Sangkuriang. As the boy grew up, he was always guarded by the faithful dog Tumang, whom he knew only as a companion and not as his father, Sangkuriang became handsome and brave. One day his mother asked him to go hunting with the dog and bring her venison for a feast. After hunting all day without success, Sangkuriang worried about facing his mother empty-handed.

Desperate, he took an arrow and shot the dog. He returned home and handed over the meat to his pleased mother. Soon after the feast, however, Dayang Sumbi questioned her son about the absence of Tumang. At first he evaded her queries but finally told her what had happened.

She was horrified and struck her son so hard on the temple that he collapsed. For that, the old king banished his daughter from the court and she was made to roam around the kingdom.

Sangkuriang recovered with a large scar on his temple, and he too left the court to wander about the world. Years later, Sangkuriang met a beautiful woman and instantly fell in love with her.

It was his own mother-they did not recognize each other. He pro posed to her and she agreed to marry him. Horror struck her, for she was about to marry her own son, Sangkuriang. Without revealing the whole truth to him, she tried unsuccessfully to dissuade him.

Desperate to avoid the marriage, she set conditions she thought impossible to meet. Sangkuriang had to make a lake that filled the whole valpley and build a boat for the couple to sail in, all before dawn.Beberapa contoh soal Narrative Text dibawah ini bisa memperkaya pengetahuan kita tentang Narrative Text itu sendiri.

CONTOH SOAL NARRATIVE TEXT Chandra received a business degree from a well-known University in and took a job with a large company. Contoh soal essay narrative text beserta jawaban. 4 stars based on 39 reviews Essay.

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Contoh Soal Narrative Text Untuk SMP, SMA, dan Kunci Jawaban โ€“ Mau belajar narrative text?

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Anda bisa menggunakan berbagai jenis contoh soal narrative text berikut ini. ๐Ÿ™‚. Jun 21, ย ยท Narrative Text (Misunderstanding) berserta soal Essay dan Jawaban Tag: contoh teks narrative, contoh soal narrative text, narrative text beserta jawaban, contoh teks narrative dan jawaban, contoh narrative text.

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Contoh dan Soal Narrative Text Beserta Jawaban โ€“ Berikut, terdapat berbagai contoh soal yang bisa Anda gunakan sebagai latihan soal narrative text. Selamat mencoba. Snow White. Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White.

She lived with .