Descriptive nightmare essay

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 6:

Descriptive nightmare essay

Tue Mar 09, 8: How I wish to join them. My ear drums are assaulted with a foul screech as a beast of unimaginable proportions lumbers into veiw.

Its skin is rough to the touch but weak as it flakes away to reveal rotting muscles and cartilidge, all of which tumble out of the fragile casing and onto me. As if hit by a brick wall I collapse, the grotesque morsels forcing their way down my throat. The taste is horrible, every flavour in Descriptive nightmare essay world is uncomparable to this.

I roll onto my stomach and look at the floor.

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The deep ped hue suddenly reverts to a sparkling blue and blinds me. The light of the fire been reflected by a thousand mirrors as the ground becomes an ocean and yet again I am drowning The water is a stark contrast to the land, freesing cold, slowly numbing away my senses.

I barely feel the water rolling, twisting and pulling as if it is alive I began to rise, my soul suddenly seperating from its home. My body looks lonley as it drifts down to join the other corpses, who seem to take no pleasure in its company.

Descriptive nightmare essay

My senses are magnified as I rise out of the water,just to hear the beasts final cry and thousands of chattering ants destroy it, ripping it limb from limb.

The sound of millions of chattering teeth reminds me of my school days, thousands of shoes hitting the cold, wooden floor in quick succesion.

As I rise futher I gaze into the void above me. I feel incredibly lonely as my senses give way to the nothingness and my ghostly form deconstructs peice by miserable peice.

My final sights are that of a lonley star hitting the ocean. Another soul claimed by the nightmarish world. As my vision dissipates my soul gliters and falls like the snow of my world Tue Mar 09, The Invigorating Meadow - The Invigorating Meadow The burgeoning green of the meadow in May was gloriously lush, radiant really.

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