Female leaders and transformational leadership management essay

Research has identified a variety of leadership styles based on the number of followers.

Female leaders and transformational leadership management essay

Importance of Transformational Leadership in Nursing Profession Paper Outline Introduction Overview of transformational leadership in nursing Current state of transformational leadership in nursing Future needs of transformational leadership in nursing profession outlining the importance of incorporating transformational leadership in the nursing profession.

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Conclusion References Importance of Transformational Leadership in Nursing Profession Leadership is a significant component in all most aspects of the roles of a nurse.

This component of practice is often not considered as essential as other areas, most notably clinical skills.

Female leaders and transformational leadership management essay

However, effective nurse leaders are critical in the current constantly changing and uncertain healthcare environment. As such, healthcare organizations should continue developing and supporting leadership training as well as seeking means of maintaining and facilitating leadership development in practice.

When leadership competencies are effectively taught and integrated into the nursing practice, they positively impact the leadership skills of the nurses, leading to workplace efficiency.

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This paper investigates that importance of transformational leadership in the nursing, the current state of leadership in the field as well as the future of nursing leadership in terms of what should be done to facilitate leader in nursing and healthcare as a whole.

Leaders who exhibit an authentic and transformational leadership style allow the recognition of the required change and have the capacity of guiding change by inspiring others and establishing a sense of commitment. Therefore, it is necessary that in the current realm of nursing, health leaders should identify and develop the sets of skills that are critical for future leaders Huston, Transformational Leadership in Nursing There is a strong recognition for the need for strong nursing leaders in the field of healthcare.

The American Nurses Association often encourages and supports nurses to play a proactive leadership role in different settings in which they practice to also participate actively both at the national and state levels Smith, Given the constantly changing nature of the healthcare system in the United States, it is critical for all the nurse leaders to incorporate a transformational leadership style that supports adaptation change.

The transformational leadership style enables the recognition of areas that require changes.Transformational leadership is framed in terms of the Full-Range Leadership Model, and focuses on the four major components of transformational leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration.

The relationship between a leader's self-report on transformational leadership and their subordinates' evaluation of their performance was significantly less positive for female leaders with male subordinates than for female leaders with female subordinates.

Abstract Transformational and transactional leadership, which focus on the relationship between leaders and employees, are the most recent development of leadership theories.

How Transformational Leadership Affects Positive Change

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IAre transformational leaders authentic, or are authentic leaders transformational? How important is authenticity for effective leadership? Discuss based on the Nancy Barry case, and from your own personal and professional experiences.

Psuedo-Transformational Leadership Pseudo-Transformational Leadership When a leader externally exhibits the traits of a transformational leader but is willing to sacrifice morals, ignore ethics and push personal beliefs on their followers they become what are known as a pseudo-transformational leader (Bass and Steidlmeier, ).

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