Formation of telangana essay writer

Early Telangana protests On 17 Februarya noncooperation movement was started which lasted for 16 days with participation by 3,00, government employees. It caused a loss of Rs 8 billion per day in revenue to government. Many seemandhra bound police were dropped into Hyderabad city to stop the Telangana movement.

Formation of telangana essay writer

Plants and trees give us beautiful flowers, nutritious fruits, herbal medicines, oxygen etc to everyone without any hesitation. This scarcity of trees in forest runs river dry and damages natural habitat of species that live in the forest.

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In this article, we have provided the information about the Haritha Haram initiative started by the Telangana State government.

Many schools and colleges across India organize many competitions like an essay, speech, debate competition. Haritha Haram Plantation initiative is one of the trending topics in Telangana now, it is getting good print media and News media coverage.

The information about the Haritha Haram provided in this article will definitely help you to write a perfect essay and prepare an awesome speech.

formation of telangana essay writer

Though this information is in English, we hope you guys can help us voluntarily to translate the information in other regional languages like in Telugu, in Hindi, Urdu etc.

Forests, trees, jungles whatever you call it, it is essential because it encourages stable climate, improves water life cycle and it provides shelter to various life forms from bugs to animals. It is crucial for a nation or a state to protect the nature coming under its geographical area.

Telangana Haritha Haram program was launched on 5th July with the plan to plant and nurture crore saplings in 4 years so to reach the goal to cover the Telangana state in green, to achieve this it not only requires money but also the contribution of people living in the Telangana state is important.

To bring the elements that are necessary for tree plantation Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao suggested that the funds can be taken to carry out the tasks or activities like forest protection, repairing destroyed forests.

It seems happening as Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao launched a two-week long campaign in by planting saplings in Gundrampalli near Chityal in Nalgonda district. It is known that over 25 lakh saplings were planted by the government in the first phase to enhance the greenery.

Mission Kakatiya is one of such initiative started by the Government of Telangana to restore the water storages and lakes in the state. The Haritha Haram contribution to ecological balance can be an eye opener, a role model to those who neglect the environment and create environmental problems like global warmingacid rains, drought not only these problems would perish the advantages of Haritha Haram can result into improved economy and social welfare due to increased number of jobs in farming and forestry.

People will respect and protect the environment because parks and trees will become the most vital components of urban life in the future. Other Indian states or for that matter our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi should take up nation wide tree plantation campaign.

India used the natural resources in all forms from last years, civilizations thrived on these natural resources. But over the time it was torn apart by selfish human like us. It is a high time to rejuvenate the ecosystem and to take the first step one should look up to Haritha Haram Initiative as guiding star.

Conclusion We learned that humans overused the ecosystem and nature showing its repercussion in forms of global warmingfloods, droughts. It will take decades if not centuries to fill up the gap created.

formation of telangana essay writer

But sooner or later we have to start rejuvenating nature and stop its loot. Haritha Haram is a good initiative, the importance of Haritha Haram is getting attention from people and celebrities as well.This free Politics essay on Essay: The Telangana movement for statehood is perfect for Politics students to use as an example.

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TELANGANA MOVEMENT The Demand for a Separate State - K.

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Jayashankar* A Historical Perspective The people of Telangana are once again restive, reiterating their demand for a separate state. The demand of the people of this region for a separate state is not a new development.

It was voiced much before the formation of Andhra . Essays; Writer; About. Company; Legal; Site Map; Contact Us; Advertise © Home Essays Essay on Telangana.

Essay on Telangana , the Government of India announced that the process for the formation of Telangana state would be considered upon. In February , Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, bill was passed by the Parliament of India for the formation of Telangana state comprising ten districts from north-western Andhra Pradesh.

The bill received the assent of the President and published in the Gazette on 1 March Capital and largest city: Hyderabad†.

The Telangana movement refers to a movement for the creation of a new state, Telangana, Telangana state before 9 December , but changed the stand to neutral on 10 December , the day the process for formation of Telangana state was announced by central government and later retracted on 23 December.


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