Gone with the wind by margaret mitchell essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Would she be successful in her endeavors, or would her world truly collapse due to the war raging around her?

Gone with the wind by margaret mitchell essay

Gone With the Wind occupies an important place in any history of twentieth-century American literature. Dismissed by most academic literary critics for being uneven, flawed, and conventionally written in an age marked by literary experimentation, and attacked by some cultural commentators as promulgating racist myths and undermining the very foundations of its basically feminist paradigm, the best-selling novel of the twentieth century continues to withstand its detractors.

Margaret Mitchell claimed not to have read Thackeray's novel until after she had completed her Civil War saga and confessed her inability ever to get very far in Tolstoy's monumental work.

She did admit her saturation in Charles Dickens and her sense that her work was a "'Victorian' type novel. From the memorable first sentence through the Twelve Oaks barbecue on the eve of the war, the fall of AtlantaScarlett O'Hara's unforgettable journey back home to Tara, and her beginning struggles during Reconstruction, Mitchell's narrative power at the very top of its form propels the reader through the limning of a culture its grace and color and folly and weaknessa vivid evocation of the cauldron of war, and a bitter picture of the devastation following.

The author spoke often of her research in accounts and memoirs of the period, but probably more important was her knowing people who had lived through the era.

A child naturally drawn to old people and to the great drama of her region, Mitchell had gone horseback riding with Confederate veteranssat listening in the parlors of faded belles, and taken every literary advantage of her exposure to the past.

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The result is a detailed and realistic sense of the texture of the period—Scarlett O'Hara's green morocco slippers, the bright rag rugs in her bedroom at Tara, Melanie Hamilton's black lace mittens—that leads to the capturing of color and movement in great scenes like the Twelve Oaks barbecue and the ball in Atlanta.

Alternating with such scenes are remarkably evocative descriptions of the landscape's calm beauty. Characters and Setting Though her four major characters have now become stereotypes, when she drew them, with the exception of the moody Rhett Butler, they were not.

Mitchell was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the novel in May Melanie is far from the foolishly duped Amelia of Thackeray's novel. Underlying her sweetness and Christian charity is enormous strength and purpose, and the Hamlet-like Ashley Wilkes is not the beau ideal of the southern planter or Confederate stalwart.

Mitchell's upland Georgia is also not the dreamy land of a Thomas Nelson Page plantation novel. She is insightful on the social structure, its closeness to pioneer days, and its mixture of old bloodlines and new men. She is astute about the violence lying not far submerged beneath the surface of all classes.

She is unsentimental about the Lost Causetracing its origins to unreconstructed women, not to the men who fought the war. And she is remarkably good as a novelist of manners, understanding the mores and customs of the culture she is examining and bringing them skillfully into play.

Thematic Motifs Like many of the omnibus novels of the nineteenth century that influenced it, Gone With the Wind is a powerful, flawed, uneven, and sometimes disturbing novel that explores diverse facets of the human experience.

Sexuality The novel contains the stuff of great romance. Two great loves—one a misplaced, deluded infatuation, and the other a thwarted union of two passionate spirits—share equal focus with the story of people swept along by the forces of history.

Gone with the wind analytical essay

Additionally, the novel is sexually charged. Scarlett's self-affirming attraction to Ashley could not be sustained were she not given proof at two significant points in the novel that he responds to her sexually, that he wants, in his own phrase, to "take" her.

The powerful sexual chemistry dramatized between Scarlett and Rhett provides a running tension of the novel, countered as it is by Scarlett's incredibly dogged and willful attachment to her first romantic ideal.

It is testimony to Mitchell's skill that these basic sexual and emotional tensions could be sustained for 1, pages in the original Macmillan edition. Survival Mitchell's Gone With the Wind is one of the great novels of survival, and therein lies much of its appeal.

In chapter 43 Mitchell gives to Rhett Butler a version of the speech that we know now her own mother had given her when she was a child.

He is speaking, in the war's aftermath, about Ashley Wilkes: Whenever the world up-ends, his kind is the first to perish. They don't deserve to survive because they won't fight—don't know how to fight.There are two settings in Gone With the Wind: the South that is there, and the South that isn't.

Both are important—and both are caninariojana.com South that is there in the book is the South on the Margaret Mitchell toyed with various titles for her novel, including Tomorrow Is Another Day (the.

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Gone With The Wind Essay Words | 5 Pages. Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell was the American author who won the Pulitzer Prize in for her immensely successful novel, Gone with the Wind, that was published in She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and often used the name Peggy.

Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, portrays the trials and tribulations of young Scarlett O’Hara, as she struggles to come to terms with life during the American Civil War.

Gone with the wind by margaret mitchell essay

One discovers how circumstances transform even the most lighthearted and carefree into hardheaded, persevering individuals.

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