Hannas murder

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Hannas murder

The case has been cited by British charity Missing People, formerly the National Missing Persons Helplineamong others as an example of missing white woman syndrome.

This is because Williams, a working-class girl with a history of running away from home, received comparatively far less press coverage than other missing girls of a similar age who disappeared around the same time. Namely, Danielle Jones and Milly Dowlerboth of whom fit a supposedly more wholesome image of the middle-class schoolgirl from a stable family.

Robert Lesarian Howard, [3] a convicted sex offender who had known Williams sincewas arrested on 23 Marcheight days after her body was found. At his trial at Maidstone Crown Court in OctoberHoward was found guilty of raping and murdering Williams, and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

No recommended minimum term was reported to have been issued by the trial judge. Hannah Williams, however, was a girl from a working-class single-parent home who had spent time in care and had a history of running away — she attracted scant coverage in the media.

The National Missing Persons Helpline noted, in commenting upon the case, that news media treating such stories would often ask for cases where the subject was female, within a particular age range and with a particular social background.

In contrast, the media coverage of the two girls who were victims in the Soham murders generated articles in under two weeks. An anonymous Kent police officer was quoted in The Guardian: This is very sensitive, but if Hannah Williams had been a Milly Dowler, she may not be dead now.The accidental mix-up of four identical plaid overnight bags leads to a series of increasingly wild and wacky situations.

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Hannas murder

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Denny Ross gets maximum sentence in Hannah Hill slaying retrial

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Hannas murder

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