How to write a drum roll notation

While some teachers do a great job of taking into account age, background, and learning modalities visual, auditory, and tactileothers use a cookie-cutter approach probably because they were taught this way to help their newbies. Work out of only one book, hold the sticks a certain way, play within only one genre of music, learn certain rudiments, and so on. You might have even popped a few instructional videos into a VCR.

How to write a drum roll notation

You will often find it useful to write a drum rhythm or fill that you want to remember. The note head shown above is a note ball. This is what notes normally look like. Drum notation is unique because it uses note-head symbols in addition to the regular note ball.

Other note heads are diamonds, triangles, and slashes. Other Note Heads Drum notation is also unique because the lines and spaces of the staff do not represent pitches; they represent drums.

This is indicated by using a neutral clef, also called a percussion clef. Neutral Clef The most common clefs used in non-drum music are the treble clef and bass clef. When you use a neutral clef, the lines and spaces of the staff do not represent specific pitches.

To show which line or space designates which drum or cymbal, use a legend, like this: If your drum set has three tom-toms, but only two are played, include only two toms in the legend. When creating a drum legend, try to assign the instruments to lines or spaces that will make the drum music easy to read.

An alternative to a Legend is to identify the instruments at the beginning of the music, like this: Use a three-line staff if only three instruments are needed.

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Use a one-line staff if only one instrument is needed. There is no standard drum set legend, but here are some general guidelines. Hi-Hat with Foot Cymbals usually go near the top line, except Hi-Hat when played with the foot, which usually goes below the bottom line.

Bass drum usually goes on the bottom space. Snare drum usually goes on the third space from bottom. Tom-toms usually go on lines or spaces in order of their size.

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This Drum Legend from above is common for a 5-piece drum set. HiHats and cymbals can have additional notations. When I write drum parts, I often use slashes instead of note balls to make writing faster.

When writing notation for someone else to read, the most important thing is to make it clearly understood what is to be played. If needed include notes about: Time Signatures Dynamics Tempo The best way to become good at writing drum notation is to do it.

A good way to begin is to try writing the notation from any page in your drum lesson books. You can also easily find staff paper online to print off.

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Your First Fake Book Melody / Lyrics / Chord Symbols $ Click Here for Example Page Example Page 2 Cover Pic. This book features larger notation than usual in fake books, and uses simplified harmonies and melodies. The earliest form of musical notation can be found in a cuneiform tablet that was created at Nippur, in Sumer (today's Iraq), in about tablet represents fragmentary instructions for performing music, that the music was composed in harmonies of thirds, and that it was written using a diatonic scale.

A tablet from about BC shows a more developed form of notation.


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TIME AND GROOVE Contact Drum Roll Guide Probably the most widely known rudiments of them all are drum rolls.

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how to write a drum roll notation

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