Lenovo challenge

History[ edit ] Founding and early history[ edit ] Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo on 1 November with a group of ten engineers in Beijing withyuan.

Lenovo challenge

Lenovo and Disney are working to change that this holiday season with a well-thought-out game based on Star Wars, called Jedi Challenges.

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The crowning touch, though, is the AR light saber. You control it by using a physical light saber handle, modeled after the ones in the movies. It is definitely a low-end model and relies on your smartphone for its display, but if you have a higher-end phone, the visuals are quite good.

It has velcro straps for adjusting to your head, but having the phone cantilevered out from your forehead is always going to make it feel a bit heavy and front-weighted.

My only issue with the headset is the tray mounting system is cumbersome, so it takes some time to get a phone in and out. The headset image is projected from stereoscopic images on your smartphone: So the better the display on your phone, the better your results.

I used the game with a Moto Z Force 2nd genand overall the image was excellent.

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I also saw a certain amount of chromatic aberration where each color appeared slightly shifted from the othersbut not enough to be really distracting.

The light saber is modeled after the original, and its sounds are the same as those in the movie one nice advantage of Disney developing the game. As you level up, you can also change the color of energy your light saber emits. Initial setup is really straightforward, as the application walks you through the Bluetooth pairing and orb placement process painlessly.

Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges | Lenovo US

You do need a reasonably large preferably at least 6 feet by 10 feet of space to play. Supports iOS and Android, but Only Certain Models As I write this, Lenovo supports 15 models of smartphone officially, although some users have reported success with other fairly new handsets.

Lenovo says it will be adding additional models over time. Since it is a fairly standard phone-based AR unit, I assume there will be more games for it over time. They may wind up using or even requiring other accessories, though, as the light saber is a fairly specific weapon.

In the meantime, Lenovo has teased a multi-player mode for the light saber battles that is what the second color on the orb will be for, apparently. The Jedi Challenges While I would actually have been happy just dueling enemies with light sabers, Lenovo and Disney have gone a lot further in modeling some of the competitive aspects of the Star Wars series.

To progress, you need to prove your worth at all three. You can slash, cut, and deflect incoming attacks with it. The only issue I found is that it becomes un-centered fairly often, when the light from the saber is no longer aligned with its physical hilt. Clearly this was an anticipated issue, as Lenovo has provided a dedicated button on the side of the unit to re-center it.If you’ve been eyeing a Windows VR headset, you’ll be interested to see the huge discounts currently available from Amazon US on most Windows VR headsets.

Additionally, Samsung’s Odyssey. A short video about IT’s biggest challenge—IT users—and how Windows 10 and Lenovo can help save IT. The Jedi Challenge is a multi-part system built around your phone (iPhone or Android, Lenovo's not picky).


Your phone serves as the processing unit and display, oriented facing down over your eyes and reflected into your eyes off an angled transparent pane.

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Lenovo challenge

Two months ago, I bought a new battery for my Lenovo laptop (a ThinkPad XT). I was about to go away on holidays and wanted a battery that could last me through a plane flight; the original battery was by then barely lasting ten minutes.

Lenovo has announced restructuring plans that include reducing its smartphone portfolio and cutting its global workforce by 10 percent. The news comes as the company reported quarterly results.

Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges | Lenovo UK