Lucy lippard eccentric abstraction essay

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Lucy lippard eccentric abstraction essay

Life[ edit ] Hesse was born into a family of observant Jews in HamburgGermany, on January 11, Her death, after three operations within a year, [9] at the age of 34 ended a career spanning only 10 years. She dropped out only a year later.

During this time she also took classes at the Art Students League. Hesse was not happy to be back in Germany, [21] but began working with materials that had been left behind in the abandoned factory.

From this point on she would continue to make sculptureswhich became the primary focus of her work. Returning to New York City inshe began working and experimenting with the unconventional materials that would become characteristic of her work: Keats states, "immediacy may be one of the prime reasons Hesse was attracted to latex".

Hesse handled it like house paint, brushing layer upon layer to build up a surface that was smooth yet irregular, ragged at the edges like deckled paper. Retaining some of the defining forms of minimalism, modularity, and unconventional materials, she created eccentric work that was repetitive and labor-intensive.

In a statement of her work, Hesse describes her piece titled Hang-Up, "It was the first time my idea of absurdity or extreme feeling came through The whole thing is absolutely rigid, neat cord around the entire thing. It is the most ridiculous structure that I ever made and that is why it is really good".

Arthur Danto distinguished post-minimalism from minimalism by its "mirth and jokiness" and "unmistakable whiff of eroticism," its "nonmechanical repetition". I dwell on this all the time. This simplicity and complexity has evoked controversy among art historians. Debate has focussed pieces are to be considered complete and finished works, and which are studies, sketches, or models for future works.

Except for fiberglass, most of her favored materials age badly, so much of her work presents conservators with an enormous challenge. Instead, it is full of life, of eros, even of comedy… Each piece in the show vibrates with originality and mischief.

For instance, Sans III can no longer be exhibited to the public because the latex boxes have curled in on themselves and crumbled. When discussing this topic with collectors in mind, she wrote, "At this point, I feel a little guilty when people want to buy it. I am not sure what my stand on lasting really is.

A documentary entitled Eva Hesse, premiered in New York, illustrated her painful background. It "focuses on those years of artistic emergence, a period of rapid development and furious productivity, with few parallels in the history of art.

Lucy lippard eccentric abstraction essay

For example, her inventive uses of material, her contemporary response to the minimalist movement, and her ability to usher in the postmodern and postminimalist art movements. Arthur Dano connects the two by describing her as "cop[ing] with emotional chaos by reinventing sculpture through aesthetic insubordination, playing with worthless material amid the industrial ruins of a defeated nation that, only two decades earlier, would have murdered her without a second thought.

Simultaneously, she showed her drawings in the John Heller Gallery exhibition Drawings: The exhibition was titled Chain Polymers and was her only solo sculpture exhibition during her lifetime in the United States.

An early one was at The Guggenheim Museum[50] while Inthree separate iterations of an Eva Hesse retrospective were held, entitled Eva Hesse: One artwork featured in the exhibition was Aught, four double sheets of latex stuffed with polyethylene. The Jewish Museum Manhattan.

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Latex, rope, string, and wire. Whitney Museum of American Art. Conversations with 15 Women Artists. Longing, Belonging, and Displacement I. Tauris, pages; focus on drawings from —Lucy Lippard, the curator of Eccentric Abstraction, further contributed to the dissemination of Postminimalism with her book, Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from to ; A Cross-Reference Book of Information.

Lucy Lippard’s “New York Letter” (March ) discussed a trend seen in New York galleries. “Distinctions between painting and sculpture have been increasingly blurred in the past two years and sculpture is painted and often hung on the wall” (69).

Lucy lippard eccentric abstraction essay

Lucy Lippard: When I was around twelve. Rail: Your early essays, gathered in Changing (), a gay gallerist at Fischbach who was the reason I got to do Eccentric Abstraction there, as well as the reason Eva Hesse showed there.

Anyway, at this talk Greenberg was going on about his stuff, and he was a good speaker but very authoritarian. "Eccentric Abstraction," an important exhibition organized by Lucy Lippard, who also wrote an accompanying essay, noted that Eva Hesse, Bruce Nauman, Kenneth Price and Keith Sonnier had trained as painters but moved into sculpture.

Lucy Lippard: Lucy Lippard, American activist, feminist, art critic, and curator noted for her many articles and books on contemporary art.

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