Management planning for halliburton essay

Estimate project costs and schedules.

Management planning for halliburton essay

Prioritizing activities as per their importance Spending the right time on the right activity Effective Planning Plan your day well in advance. Jot down the important activities that need to be done in a single day against the time that should be allocated to each activity.

High Priority work should come on top followed by those which do not need much of your importance at the moment.

Management planning for halliburton essay

Complete pending tasks one by one. Do not begin fresh work unless you have finished your previous task. Tick the ones you have already completed.

Ensure you finish the tasks within the stipulated time frame. Setting Goals and Objectives Working without goals and targets in an organization would be similar to a situation where the captain of the ship loses his way in the sea.

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Yes, you would be lost. Set targets for yourself and make sure they are realistic ones and achievable. Setting Deadlines Set deadlines for yourself and strive hard to complete tasks ahead of the deadlines. Do not wait for your superiors to ask you everytime.

Learn to take ownership of work. One person who can best set the deadlines is you yourself. Ask yourself how much time needs to be devoted to a particular task and for how many days.

Use a planner to mark the important dates against the set deadlines. There are other people as well. One should not accept something which he knows is difficult for him.

The roles and responsibilities must be delegated as per interest and specialization of employees for them to finish tasks within deadlines. A person who does not have knowledge about something needs more time than someone who knows the work well.

Prioritizing Tasks Prioritize the tasks as per their importance and urgency. Know the difference between important and urgent work.

Identify which tasks should be done within a day, which all should be done within a month and so on. Tasks which are most important should be done earlier.

Spending the right time on right activity Develop the habit of doing the right thing at the right time. Work done at the wrong time is not of much use. Also keep some time separate for your personal calls or checking updates on Facebook or Twitter.

After all human being is not a machine.Financial management and business success – a guide for entrepreneurs. Financial management is at the heart of running a successful business.

It affects every business and broader strategic planning. Senior management must recognise how the needs of the business change as the business grows, and make sure that the.

Management planning for halliburton essay

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Halliburton management realizes the fact that for global survival it is essential to adopt different methodologies in different countries. For this purpose, it operates from 2 headquarters – Texas, the oil hub of the West and Dubai, the trading hub of Asia and Europe.

Executive summary of site visit observations and recommendations On June 22 - 24, , we visited the Halliburton Gulf of Mexico Operations for CBA Halliburton Gulf of Mexico Site Visit Report and Recommendations 2 General Observations implements the completion plan for the customer.

CPS has employees. resources management is the administrative missing link to this comprehensive package. 3 The private sector has recognized that it is not just financial and technological capital that provide companies with the competitive edge, but people, or human capital.

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