Misuse of internet policy final 20may2015

SHARE SHARE Our sample internet use policy template will help you create an internet use policy that explains how your employees may and may not use the internet at work It will also help ensure that your business and its reputation, employees, IT systems and data are not compromised by employees through their use of the internet. Download our sample internet use policy free today. Why you need an internet use policy The internet plays a vital role in everyday life. In practical terms, an internet use policy can help ensure that employees make the most effective use of the internet - without wasting time on social networking and so on.

Misuse of internet policy final 20may2015

Procedures Reason for Policy: Definition of Terms in Statement: Information Technology IT Resources: All resources owned, leased, managed, controlled, or contracted by the University involving networking, computing, electronic communication, and the management and storage of electronic data regardless of the source of funds including, but not limited to: Networks virtual and physicalnetworking equipment, and associated wiring including, but not limited to: All users except for those whose sole affiliation with the University is student or applicant.


IT resources that are available to broad groups of users within the University community. They include, but are not limited to: It does not imply that these resources are available to persons from outside the University community. Everyone who uses University information technology IT resources.

This includes all account holders and users of University IT resources including, but not limited to: All users of University information technology IT resources are required to use them in an ethical, professional, and legal manner.

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Users must protect all data accessed or used. Users must recognize that certain data are sensitive and must limit their access to such data to authorized uses in direct performance of their official duties.

All unauthorized use is prohibited. For Non-Student Users, commercial use is prohibited, but incidental personal use is permitted.

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Respect the rules and regulations governing the use of IT facilities and equipment. The University expects all users to cooperate in using public IT resources for their intended purposes and in discontinuing their access when requested to do so.

Abide by the Acceptable Use Standards.

Misuse of internet policy final 20may2015

In addition to the above, all Non-Student Users: Any misuse of data or IT resources may result in limitation or revocation of access to University IT resources. In addition, failure to comply with the requirements of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion in accordance with relevant University policies.

Violation of this policy may also violate federal, state, or local laws. Questions about this policy should be directed to the Contact Office.WIPO means the World Intellectual Property Organization; for greater certainty, work includes a cinematographic work, photographic work may be needed to prevent the abuse of intellectual property rights by right holders or the resort to practices which unreasonably to make available on the Internet its laws, regulations, procedures and.

The first instance of inappropriate email use, if not an extremely serious offense, can often be dealt with by a verbal warning and re-education about the company's email and Internet policies.

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According to the Northgate Arinso Employment Services, you should carefully outline a policy concerning the use of email in the office and distribute a copy of the regulations to every employee. > Misuse Of Internet Policy Final Sample Misuse Of Internet Policy Final - Essay Example Misuse of the Internet Policy Introduction The Company provides access to the information resources of the Internet to support employee success with their Job function.

Misuse of internet policy final 20may2015

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