Nivea for men marketing assignment

Nivea has reformulated many of its products for making them more effective e.

Nivea for men marketing assignment

Marketing Management Assignment help on: Nivea Marketing Management Assignment help on: Nivea Introduction Nivea is a brand by one of the famous international skin care company named Beiersdorf.

The company is present across the globe offering its range of skin care cream for every age, every gender, and every need people have.

Nivea for men marketing assignment

The last decade has seen the company grow manifolds in the Australian markets by developing a balanced as well as a very well managed portfolio of products.

Under the brand name of Nivea there are about 9 segments of products the company manufactures. The brand believes Sun care as one of the most important issues for all and made sure that the protection message was the key to the proposition of the brand. With high standards of products the brand aimed at bringing fun to the market by recognising the situation when the sun care products were applied.

Current Marketing issues There were several marketing concerns which came in between the plans of Nivea to market its Sun care products across the Australian markets.

Some of the known marketing issues can be listed as follows: Business Case Studies n. The personal care market in Australia saw a moderate value growth in the year The unit price declines in the skin care products which includes the sun care products had already been anticipated with the price competition getting much more intensified.

With internet retailers selling products at discounted prices and the strong Australian dollar encouraged the consumers to buy products online. Moreover the retailers were also importing beauty and personal care products at a much lower price compared to the previous year.

The competition in the Sun Care products has intensified over the past few years. The increased awareness and growing demand has resulted in several companies manufacturing newer products.

As the manufacturers are offering the best possible UV protection products the challenge to stay at the top has increased drastically. The other key players in the market are Avon Products Inc. With advanced products come the advanced technologies behind them. Each and every brand today is trying to get the most advanced technological support to provide high quality products.

Nivea Sun has been upgrading its technology from time to time but it would need to keep doing so in order to manufacture better products as per the need of the current market.

Assignment 2: Nivea’s promotion in marketing mix

Potential Market Development Sun care protection is one of the most common features in the range of personal care product industry.

With increased awareness by the consumers on the aspects of skin health the segment has a tremendous potential in the coming years. In the recent times the company has rolled out its products to meet the rising consumer expectations in terms of product characteristics like its durability, absorption, self-tanning as well as water resistance.

Although there are several players in the market today the sun care market still has a huge potential for bigger brands to tap upon Instant As the current trend seems to intensify the competition even further the company is in the plans to manufacture sun care products for every age group, every kind of skin, and every gender.

The market penetration which reflects the potential customers willing to purchase productshas been well addressed by the company while providing innovative products to their consumers.

Nivea for men marketing assignment

In order to meet the expectations of its consumers and further manufacture products which can help the company expand its consumer base the company has been continually segmenting its customers.

Market segment and category lifecycle stages Nivea Sun comes in three main product segments, namely: It is an established fact today that the skin is well protected against the harmful effects of the sun.

The range of products by Nivea Sun provides the maximum protection to keep the users as safe as possible. The company also promotes other forms of protection such as wearing a sun hat or avoiding the midday sun.

Within the sun care market protection falls the largest segment in terms of value i. Broadly the Sun Protection sunscreens are available based on:Marketing Management Assignment help on: NIVEA SUN INTRODUCTION. Evaluation of marketing performance has become an essential part of marketing plan of every organization today.

Marketing Management Assignment help on : Nivea

This evaluation is important for each element of the marketing mix i.e. product, price, place and promotion. Expain Nivea - For Men Case Analysis? plus evaluate usefulness of the two pieces of information and data that the firm NIVEA used while preparing the marketing plan for re-launch of Nivea For Men. has become one of the leading assignment help provider in .  Questions on the 'NIVEA for Men' case study 1.

Overall Strategic Objectives

Describe the 'Nivea for Men' product range. Nowadays, Nivea is a famous brand of skin & beauty care in the world. The range of men’s products was launched in with an aftershave balm. This first product without alcohol (which irritate the skin) becomes quickly successful.

1. Introduction. NIVEA is an established name in high quality skin and beauty care products (Nivea, ). It is part of a range of brands produced and sold by Beiersdorf. In this case we will study the promotion aspects in the marketing mix used by Nivea.

Nivea is a worldwide known cosmetic brand which is owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The brand is well known for the specialised products for skin and beauty care.

Introduction This assignment highlight on positioning strategy for Nivea For Men within the wide. NIVEA is one of the families of brands owned by Beiersdorf, the international skincare company and it began in (Nivea for Men - Brief, ).

Marketing Management by Nivea – Assignment Example