Nutritional crisis in haiti

We, the Catholic bishops of the United States, approach this task from the perspectives of faith and reason: We address this statement to the Catholic community and to all people of goodwill.

Nutritional crisis in haiti

As a result, the validations may not be worth the paper they are written on. One of the best bits of news recently was the downfall of Matthias Rath. Rath was one of the best illustrations of the murderous effect of selling ineffective treatments.

It might be surprising, then, to find the Northern College of Acupuncture proudly adding a course in alternative nutrition to its courses in acupuncture now known to be a theatrical placebo and Chinese herbal medicine largely untested and sometimes toxic.

Nutritional crisis in haiti

It might be even more surprising to find the boast that the course is validated by the University of Wales. It seemed a good idea to find out a bit more about how this came about. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, some interesting things can be discovered.

The validation process The Northern College of Acupuncture submitted a page proposal for the course in October It has all the usual bureaucratic jargon of such documents but misses entirely the central point.

Well, not on paper. And it gets worse. It says that all sorts of rather advanced forms of battiness are OK if they form only part of another degree. They include Homeopathy, Crystal therapy. Just let me remind you. We are living in It is easy to forget that when ploughing through all this new age junk.

The Validation Handbook of Quality Assurance: Health Studies runs to an astonishing pages [ download the whole thing ]. On page 12 we find the extent of the problem. Further down on page 12, though, we find this.

The mission is to promote and require the critical evaluation of the practices, doctrines, beliefs, theories and hypotheses that underlie the taught therapeutic measures of the discipline.

The problem is that I can detect no sign in the submission, nor in its consideration by the validation committee, that any attempt whatsoever was made to ensure that the course complied with these requirements.

The only sign of concern I could detect of any concern about the quality of what was being taught came in a minute to a meeting of the Health Studies Committee meeting on 24th April The Committee agreed that this was the most critical element of all degree schemes in the University of Wales portfolio of health studies schemes.

It was felt it would be timely to re-examine the schemes within the portfolio as well as the guidelines for consideration of Health Studies schemes at the next meeting.

It was agreed that the guidelines would be a vital document in the consideration of new schemes and during preliminary visits to prospective Institutions.

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After a few cosmetic changes of wording the validation was completed on 16th January There was, needless to say, no indication that the change in wording would change anything in what was taught to students.

You may think that I am being a bit too harsh. Perhaps the course is just fine after all? The problem is that the submission and the reaction of the validation committee tell you next to nothing about what actually matters, and that is what is taught.

There is only a vague outline of that in the submission and part of it was redacted on the grounds that if it were made public somebody might copy ;it. How can we find out a bit more?

Very easily as it happens. What matters is not so much formal course outlines but who teaches them. That sounds quite respectable but a glance at the prospectus shows immediately that it is full-blown alternative medicine.

Already in Julythe glowing press releases for the course had attracted attention from the wonderfully investigative web site HolfordWatch. I see no sign that the validation committee was aware of this. But if not, why not? I would describe is as dereliction of academic duty.

This means that graduates will gain comprehensive understanding of both modern scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom concerning nutrition and dietetics. In the end, though, almost the only thing that really matters about any course is who is running it.I’m sprawled inelegantly on the concrete banks of the Thames, leaning down to scoop some of its green, murky liquid into an empty water bottle.

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Part III. Disorders of malnutrition Chapter Protein-energy malnutrition. Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) in young children is currently the most important nutritional problem in most countries in Asia, Latin America, the Near East and Africa.

Nutritional crisis in haiti
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