Nyuad candidate weekend writing assignment

Reflecting through short, easy-to-evaluate writing assignments May 1, Reflecting through short, easy-to-evaluate writing assignments Mary Pat Wenderoth:

Nyuad candidate weekend writing assignment

As she crossed through the yard there were tears streaming from her face. She was very happy to oblige Lee and sent us home with work in hand. Over twenty years later, as a New England marketer for Broadvision, the girl still loved homework — laptop in tow every weekend visit!

Unlike Lee however, many of us have unpleasant homework memories and would never dream of giving an assignment to a job candidate. We recently helped a company on a search for a regional sales director.

In the final round of interviews, we gave the top candidates homework: Why did we do this? First off let me say, I am NOT talking about testing, personality profiling, sales leadership testing, etc. These can be great tools but they are not what I mean by homework.

This is the only reason to give homework. Although a candidate for this position may bring a portfolio, giving a short assignment to write a press release on your newest product or newsworthy event in your company will give you a sense of their writing style.

Homework should point that out. In the sales arena, ask your candidate to build a hypothetical pipeline — ask them how they would construct the first 30 or 60 days on the job.

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These are all exercises that should not take much time. Put a time frame on it. Give your candidate a specific task i. If they tell you the 20 things they have to do within the next few days and ask you for a week to complete the task, well… you get the point.

How much homework should you give? The 90 — day sales plan we talked about earlier took only a half — day to complete. This would take about six to eight hours of his time. The candidate told the hiring manager he really looked forward to working on the proposal — as soon as they made him an employee.

How they performed on their assignment — and the spirit in which they assumed and delivered the assignment — will be an important factor for you. Also, you may need that homework assignment if you are in the fortunate position of having two candidates who are equally qualified for your position.

If everything else is equal, let the candidate who did the best job on your assignment — and had the best attitude — have your job!

nyuad candidate weekend writing assignment

Already she has signed up at the local university for advanced classes, joined a book group, and is hoping to volunteer substitute teach at an American School.

See — the more things change, the more they stay the same! This entry was posted in Hiring Process.Dec 09,  · Candidate Weekend (or CW, as I will refer to it from now on) is actually a series of weekends from November to March where promising applicants for NYUAD are flown out to Abu Dhabi and participate in a very intense forty-eight hours of info sessions, interviews, writing assignments, and sightseeing, all at NYUAD’s expense.

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WRITING PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR Division of Arts & Humanities NYU Abu Dhabi The Arts and Humanities Division is inviting applications for Writing Program Instructor positions at all levels. Instructors support NYU Abu Dhabi's educational mission by assisting faculty with courses in .

Senior Manson Tung was selected to visit New York University Abu Dhabi for Candidate Weekend from March Senior Manson Tung applied to New York University Abu Dhabi. He was selected as one of approximately students to attend Candidate Weekend (March ) held at the Saadiyat Island Campus in the United Arab Emirates.

Dec 15,  · NYUAD Candidate Weekend - Early Decision 1 Class of ! If you have any questions, comment below and I'll try my best to answer! Practice writing a reflective piece and ask someone to read it and see if they understand what you meant. If you can do that I think you should be fine.

You will also get two interviews: One with a professor and one with an admissions officer.

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