Organisation reward system and its impact on the productivity of staff

You hired them to help you gain and maintain success, and they are, at least initially, inspired to perform the work necessary to achieve your goals.

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Content theories endeavor to name and analyze the factors which motivate people to perform better and more efficiently while process theories concentrate on how different types of personal traits interfere and impact the human behavior.

Perhaps the first and best known of these comes from the work of Abraham Maslow.

Organisation reward system and its impact on the productivity of staff

Maslow saw these levels of needs being fulfilled one at a time in sequence from bottom to top. The two sets of factors are motivator factors and hygiene factors.

According to Herzberg, real motivation comes from the work itself, from completing tasks, while the role of reward is to prevent dissatisfaction arising.

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There are a lot of attractions for this kind of approach, particularly for employers who can target their motivation effort and anticipate a definable mathematical return for them. As this is a cognitive process theory it relies on the way employees perceive rewards These three theories plus variants of them have been used in countless research studies and continue to inform the practice of reward management up to the present day.

Job evaluation[ edit ] Job evaluation is closely related to reward management. Job evaluation is the process in which jobs are systematically assessed to one another within an organization in order to define the worth and value of the job, to ensure the principle of equal pay for equal work.

Organisation reward system and its impact on the productivity of staff

This system carries crucial importance for managers to decide which rewards should be handed out by what amount and to whom. Job evaluation provides the basis for grading, pay structure, grading jobs in the structure and managing job and pay relativities.

This method does not rank employees against one another but looks at the job as a whole. A disadvantage of these methods of job evaluation are that they are very static and it would be very difficult to perform a job evaluation quickly if it was needed.

When deciding on a pay scale: Making sure that the current system is fair and equal for employees, Deciding on benefits such as bonuses, Comparing pay against other companies and reviewing all jobs after a major company pay change. If this is true it may help reduce staff turnover which is very beneficial for employers as it reduces the cost of hiring new staff.

Research regarding job evaluation has mainly been conducted using qualitative data collection methods such as interviews, large scale surveys and basic experimental methods. Therefore, there is a large gap for research on job evaluation collecting quantitative data for a more statistical analysis.

A comparison between public and private sectors and the methods of job evaluation is another area that should be considered for further research. However, is job evaluation enough? Steinburg [25] stated that very few organisations take into account that job evaluation should also look at emotional labour that may be used by employees.

Performance appraisals are a form of motivation through either positive or negative reinforcement, depending on outcome. Typically this information is gained through interview and questionnaire functions annually, executed among management of larger organisations primarily, as a method of motivation to gain full potential of staff.

If his performance was seen as insufficient, his pay would be cut down. However, if it was seen of a higher quality, he could receive a pay rise. It has been argued that the time, money and energy needed is not comparable to its effectiveness.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Any organisation needs to be constantly seeking to improve its performance, products, services and processes. It . rewards given to staff on employee productivity in the supermarkets in Nakuru Town.

The purpose and objectives of the Study The overall objective of the study was to .

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