Rules for writing army awards

Army Writing Style Following the components of the Army writing style will lead you to write to Army standard.

Rules for writing army awards

This article was first published by Blogging Authors A few weeks ago, the Pittsburgh City Paper featured my book Amidst Traffic both in their paper and online.

I achieved this for free by crafting a quality press release, requiring only a bit of knowledge and time. When I first published Amidst Traffic, I was surprised by how many sites charged good money to write press releases on behalf of published authors.

I thought this was strange: After all, if you just finished writing a novel, how difficult could it rules for writing army awards to write a press release? Here, I wanted to share some tips with other authors who might benefit from them.

Start building your list now and continue to add contacts gradually. Some websites will sell you a list of news contacts according to your needs. You can even schedule your press release for a specific time and date.

For the most part, study the formatting and writing style used in the sample, and you will be able to create your own release easily. Most journalists and newspapers use the AP Stylebook to format their articles.

You can pick up a used copy for just a few bucks, which will prove extremely helpful.

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Keep your release in the body of the email. Most editors will delete emails with attachments. Headline Write your headline in sentence case; this means capitalize only the first word and proper nouns. News Lead Your lead first paragraph needs to be one sentence and should establish several things at once: The Rest of the Story Keep your writing active and your sentences direct throughout the release.

Your entire release should be less than one page. The goal is NOT to tell editors all about you, but entice them enough to want to learn more. Third person — Write the entire release in third person. Always refer to yourself in the third person.

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Past tense — Write the whole release in the past tense. The only exception is for things happening in the future, of course Second reference — Use just your last name when referring to yourself after the first reference. Numbers — Numbers one through nine are spelled out, and anything from 10 and after is written in numerals.

State abbreviations — States are spelled out in full unless used with a city. If you have a city and state, the state is abbreviated differently than your typical two-letter capitalized abbreviation Pa. Your best bet is to look here for proper use of states.

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Dates — Months are spelled in full except when used with a specific date, and you never use 1st, 2nd, 3rd or so on for dates Jan.

Pick one style and stick with it throughout the press release. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with an AP Stylebook and reference to it constantly as you write and review your press release before sending it!

The Follow Up In regards to the follow up, I will quote material from an article by Joan Stewart of the Publicity Hound, because her answer is succinct and helpful: When following up, remember The Rule of 7. That means you should follow up seven times, using a combination of phone calls and emails, before you stop contacting journalists.

But always be ready in case they call you. Your efforts are better spent following up on larger stories you have pitched.

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When following up, concentrate on benefits.Dec 19,  · Army Writing Style. Following the components of the Army writing style will lead you to write to Army standard. The Army standard is stated as "transmits a clear message in a single rapid reading and is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage." A general summary of the Army writing style is below.

Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 30 April Personnel—General Enlisted Promotions and Reductions *Army Regulation –8– To whom awarded: The Cold War Certificate may be awarded to any current New York State citizen or a person who was a New York State citizen while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the Cold War period, 2 September to 26 December , whose entire service was honorable.

AR applies to all noncommissioned officers in the Active Army, Army National Guard, and the U.S.

rules for writing army awards

Army Reserve.) Although any person may appeal an evaluation he or she believes is incorrect, inaccurate or violates the intent of the governing regulation, it is normally the . SUMMARY of CHANGE AR –8–19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions This major revision, dated 2 February o Identifies the Chief, National Guard Bureau as the senior Army official on all.

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