The projectionists nightmare

The Theatre was designed by the architects Chadwick and Watson who also designed the Alhambra, Bradford. Because of their size the beams took much manoeuvring through the streets of Dewsbury in order to get them to the site of the Theatre when it was being constructed and were considered very advanced at the time of its building. The Royal Ballet performed there during the war, but with only a piano for accompaniment.

The projectionists nightmare

Add a photo to this gallery Nicknames: We see a pitch-black screen. Then we see white text on the screen that reads "For the past 35 years, motion picture loudspeaker systems have not changed When it has been on the screen for a while, it fades out and new white text appears reading "Lucasfilm, Ltd.

That text fades out and we wait for a while and then, the letters "THX", which have a line under them and have the "T" slightly taller whose The projectionists nightmare extends over the other two letters, appears in a glassy sky blue color.

It stays on screen for about 10 seconds, then slowly fades out with the text above and below the logo. The text and THX logo fading-in and out.

A synthesized chord crescendo sound effect known as "Deep Note". It starts off with a deep airplane-like sound the same sound that you would hear as if an airplane were flyingwhich sounds steady in sound, although it begins to slowly and slightly deepen in pitch, and eventually gets even deeper and slows down in tone.

At the exact same time, a higher synth sound-effect begins to get higher and louder in tone until both sounds stop and stay in one pitch. Extinct, as this was only ever shown on the theatrical premiere of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. The Deep Note is bound to scare some along with the dark environment and nature.

On a black blackground, we see a blue outline of a rectangle. The gray text "The Audience is Listening" fades inside the outline, then fades out. Throughout the years, this trailer had many different variants: Probably the most recognizable THX trailer variant. It appears exclusively on home video releases.

The gray text reading "The Audience is Listening" is replaced with "Digitally Mastered for Optimal Audio and Video Performance" in Arial font in white and arranged in the center of the outline.

Those texts fade in with the THX logo instead of appearing after the blue outline disappears. The logo is shorter than the standard theatrical version. On Laserdisc releases from THX, the blue rectangle appears as usual, but with a difference: The logo shines, and the blue rectangle fades out.

Same as the B variant, but uses the lower pitch Deep Note from the "Tex" trailer. This was only on DVD releases. The logo has been remastered, or recreated, in high definition.

Below is a THX Ltd.

The projectionists nightmare

A home video version of the variant. Five different versions of the Deep Note: Buena Vista releases had a higher-pitched version of the Deep Note. Perhaps the single most common trailer in THX history. The Complete Adventures on Blu-ray.

It turns red, and when it fully turns red, we see a 3D THX logo zoom towards us against a black screen with red dots.

Then, we see some text saying "The Audience is Listening" in the same font and color used in "Broadway". A few seconds, a subtitle reading "Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Sound System" fades in too. This trailer was remixed in Dolby Digital in This variant had slight changes. At the start, text fades in reading "Dolby Digital sound in a THX Theatre," and at the end the Dolby logo was added at the left-bottom of the screen.

On Laserdisc releases starting with Twister, the words "Mastered and duplicated for optimal video and audio performance" fade in with the 1, red dots. Then, it fades to the 3D THX logo. The THX Laserdisc logo and the silver outlined rectangle shine.

An orchestra warms up, then a big descending synth note followed by an orchestra crescendo.Background: THX is a motion picture quality certification system (despite being branded as a "sound system" until ) founded by Tomlinson Holman and George Lucas in (which in turn was then owned by Lucasfilm Ltd.

until , when it was spun-off into its present day company, THX Ltd. Gateway Film Center is proud to host the Columbus Black International Film Festival on August 24 & The 2nd Annual Columbus Black International Film Festival will take place August , Super 8mm F/L Features –Colour Sound (30% Discount Until 31/12/18).

Blue Hawaii B+/B £70 (3x’ & 2x’) Derann print of this tuneful Elvis Presley musical, it’s got some glorious settings, but as with all the Derann prints of this title the colour is only fair, it was never brilliant when first released (Derek Simmonds own words!), but once you get into the film you kinda go.

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Alien is a science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet is the first film in what became a large Alien film's title refers to a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature that stalks and attacks the crew of a . A celebrated hallmark series only at Gateway Film Center. Once a year, GFC president and head programmer Chris Hamel selects the best, boldest and brightest documentaries from around the world and plays them all in one place, for one week only. A three-dimensional stereoscopic film (also known as three-dimensional film, 3D film or S3D film) is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third most common approach to the production of 3D films is derived from stereoscopic photography. In this approach, a regular motion picture camera system is used to record the images as seen from two.

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