Wall street journal article assignment

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Wall street journal article assignment

Econ Fall Dr. Instructions for obtaining the article from the CSUF online library database are provided below. Your assignment consists of writing a short essay discussing how changes in economic factors are driving the decrease in European demand for automobiles.

You may use as references the article, your textbook, and your class notes. Note that any collaboration among students on writing this paper will be considered a violation of the honor code.

Print out and read carefully the short article assigned. Print out and read carefully this instruction sheet. Follow the instructions below carefully. Click on the tab Find Databases. Once you are on Factiva, go to the search tab and type the full title of the article in the search box.

Select the article and select to download in pdf format. Please let me know in class if you are having any trouble obtaining the article. These paragraphs will serve as an introduction to your essay.

Wall street journal article assignment

In your own words, focus now on the economic content of the article. More specifically, refer to particular sentences or phrases in the article to identify at least three of the key determinants of demand discussed in class as they pertain to the demand for automobiles in Europe.

Be sure to explain how each sentence or phrase illustrates the particular determinant of demand. Indicate which case your diagram is illustrating. Conclude your essay with a short paragraph comparing the automobile market in Europe with the automobile market in the United States.

Identify two key differences between these markets. Do not include Reference section either. Use Times New Roman Font, 12 point, one-inch margins on all sides, and single space. Leave one blank line between paragraphs in your write-up.

Do not indent paragraphs. Deadlines not respecting these deadlines will FOR SURE negatively impact your grade 1 If you would like to get some feedback and a chance to revise your work before final submission, you may choose to turn in a draft, submitting a copy of your paper to me in class by Monday, November I will return the draft to you with a tentative grade and, if needed, recommendations on how you may improve your grade.

If you decide to revise, it is expected that you will use the feedback received on the first draft to improve your writing and analysis in the final graft. If you are not satisfied with your grade, you will submit the original paper AND the revised version in class by the same deadline, Wednesday December 6.

No late submissions of either draft paper or final paper will be accepted. Grading Your grade on this assignment will be determined by:The Definition of Insanity How a federal agency (SAMHSA) undermines treatment for the mentally ill. Wall Street Journal March 31, Every time a mass shooting happens in the U.S.—Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora—we have the same national discussion: Why can’t we identify and treat the dangerously mentally ill before they kill?

This project is intended to encourage you to apply the concepts presented in this class to a real marketing issue. A recent Wall Street Journal article (“Cadillac subscription plan: GM tries a Netflix for cars at $1, a month”) tells about an interesting marketing effort within the automobile industry.

A letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal. a short paper written in the style of a letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal. Consult current issues of the Wall Street Journal for potential topics and to see how to present a brief and cogent argument (read several letters for reference).

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific Internet-only sources are not acceptable for this assignment. The article should deal specifically with the science of geology. Articles merely describing destruction resulting from a natural disaster, for example, would not qualify.

In general, the. Business Ethics: This assignment, choose a business newspaper or journal article (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg Business Week) and write a 2-page commentary on conducting business research ethically.

Assignment: Scan the Wall Street Journal and identify 5 macroeconomic discussions that are unclear to you today and explain what is unclear to you. For each of the 5 discussions, identify the newspaper article you read with respect to that discussion.

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