Writing a creative brief that inspires meaning

Bridges of Understanding Understanding is the key to assessing the real situation in order to find solutions to an organizational problem. Facing up to the challenge requires that we understand and accept the seriousness of an existing problem. Understanding also involves making sense of what happens and knowing oneself.

Writing a creative brief that inspires meaning

So another, I am astonished that a wise man like Lucius should have suddenly become a Christian. Nobody thinks it needful to consider whether Gaius is not good and Lucius wise, on this very account that he is a Christian ; or a Christianfor the reason that he is wise and good.

They praise what they knowthey abuse what they are ignorant of, and they inspire their knowledge with their ignorance ; though in fairness you should writing a creative brief that inspires meaning judge of what is unknown from what is knownthan what is known from what is unknown. Others, in the case of persons whom, before they took the name of Christianthey had known as loose, and vile, and wickedput on them a brand from the very thing which they praise.

In the blindness of their hatredthey fall foul of their own approving judgment! What a woman she was! What a youth he was! So the hated name is given to a reformation of character.

writing a creative brief that inspires meaning

Some even barter away their comforts for that hatredcontent to bear injury, if they are kept free at home from the object of their bitter enmity.

The wife, now chaste, the husband, now no longer jealous, casts out of his house; the son, now obedientthe father, who used to be so patient, disinherits; the servant, now faithful, the master, once so mild, commands away from his presence; it is a high offense for any one to be reformed by the detested name.

Goodness is of less value than hatred of Christians.

writing a creative brief that inspires meaning

Well now, if there is this dislike of the name, what blame can you attach to names? What accusation can you bring against mere designations, save that something in the word sounds either barbarous, or unlucky, or scurrilous, or unchaste?

But Christianso far as the meaning of the word is concerned, is derived from anointing. Yes, and even when it is wrongly pronounced by you Chrestianus for you do not even know accurately the name you hateit comes from sweetness and benignity.

You hatetherefore, in the guiltless, even a guiltless name. But the special ground of dislike to the sect is, that it bears the name of its Founder. Is there anything new in a religious sect getting for its followers a designation from its master?

Are not the philosophers called from the founders of their systems — Platonists, EpicureansPythagoreans? Are not the Stoics and Academics so called also from the places in which they assembled and stationed themselves? And are not physicians named from Erasistratus, grammarians from Aristarchus, cooks even from Apicius?

And yet the bearing of the name, transmitted from the original institutor with whatever he has instituted, offends no one. No doubtif it is proved that the sect is a bad one, and so its founder bad as well, that will prove that the name is bad and deserves our aversion, in respect of the character both of the sect and its author.

Before, therefore, taking up a dislike to the name, it behooved you to consider the sect in the author, or the author in the sect. But now, without any sifting and knowledge of either, the mere name is made matter of accusation, the mere name is assailed, and a sound alone brings condemnation on a sect and its author both, while of both you are ignorantbecause they have such and such a designation, not because they are convicted of anything wrong.

Chapter 4 And so, having made these remarks as it were by way of preface, that I might show in its true colors the injustice of the public hatred against us, I shall now take my stand on the plea of our blamelessness; and I shall not only refute the things which are objected to us, but I shall also retort them on the objectors, that in this way all may know that Christians are free from the very crimes they are so well aware prevail among themselves, that they may at the same time be put to the blush for their accusations against us — accusations I shall not say of the worst of men against the best, but now, as they will have it, against those who are only their fellows in sin.

We shall reply to the accusation of all the various crimes we are said to be guilty of in secret, such as we find them committing in the light of day, and as being guilty of which we are held to be wickedsenseless, worthy of punishment, deserving of ridicule.

But since, when our truth meets you successfully at all points, the authority of the laws as a last resort is set up against it, so that it is either said that their determinations are absolutely conclusive, or the necessity of obedience is, however unwillingly, preferred to the truthI shall first, in this matter of the laws grapple with you as with their chosen protectors.

Now first, when you sternly lay it down in your sentences, It is not lawful for you to exist, and with unhesitating rigour you enjoin this to be carried out, you exhibit the violence and unjust domination of mere tyranny, if you deny the thing to be lawful, simply on the ground that you wish it to be unlawful, not because it ought to be.

But if you would have it unlawful because it ought not to be lawful, without doubt that should have no permission of law which does harm; and on this ground, in fact, it is already determined that whatever is beneficial is legitimate. Well, if I have found what your law prohibits to be good, as one who has arrived at such a previous opinion, has it not lost its power to debar me from it, though that very thing, if it were evilit would justly forbid to me?

If your law has gone wrong, it is of human origin, I think; it has not fallen from heaven.Table Assessment of different levels of purpose in five dimensions across seven areas of organizational functioning.. Bridges of Understanding. Understanding is the key to assessing the real situation in order to find solutions to an organizational problem.

Dear Worldchangers, Greetings from Seattle, Washington. Today I present to you your own copy of the promised manifesto, modestly entitled A Brief Guide to World Domination.

–>Click Here to Open or Download the PDF Report Tech Notes: The report should work in all computers with Adobe Reader installed. A Few Things You’ll Learn . Here are Creative Writing Prompts to help inspire you to write every single day!

Use them for journaling, story starters, poetry, and more! Write a poem or journal entry about numbers that have special meaning to you. Dread: Write about doing something you don’t I will send your blog along to my many Creative Writing . Creative Writing in Poetry Robert Frost once wrote this about poetry: "Like a piece of ice on a hot stove, the poem must ride on its own melting." That image, now in your thoughts, courtesy of this wonderful writer of poems and perhaps your own experience in the kitchen, is a creative business some delight in and some dread.

Suggestions for Writing a Talk and Using the Talk Outlines 3 3 II. PROGRESSION OF THE WEEKEND THURSDAY The first meditation Thursday night suggests that the participant “Know Yourself”. Army Professional Reading and Creative Thinking. James Torrence. Background “Because they must be able to compensate for their own weaknesses, strategic leaders cannot afford to have staffs that blindly agree with everything they say.

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